Female power in Bruges

Female power in Bruges


For those who book a weekend or week in Bruges via a B & B or hotel, there is now a wide choice of fun and creative walks by the inspirers of S-wan VZW in Bruges. By the way, the name S-wan is derived from the famous swans of Bruges but also from “Special Walks” (“S-wan”). Female power in Bruges during a walk in Bruges.

The history of Bruges was not only written by men without women leaving their mark in the background and this is the link to “from his story to her story”.

S-wan offers 3 themed walks with women in the leading role.

  1. Walk: “Women Behind the Duke”: “Behind Every Great Man There Is A Great Woman” and that certainly applies to the Burgundian Duchesses.
  2. Walk “Strong ladies”: Thematic walk about ten striking and strong women from Bruges’ history
  3. Walk: “More women in the street”: Of the 1500 street names in Bruges, only 57 have been given a female name.