1.Scope of Application

These Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts related to the rental provision of guest rooms The Bank, vacation rentals/ guest houses  for accommodation, ODEVAERE-Eekh 1, ODEVAERE-NIEU. 94, ODEVAERE-NG.96, ODEVAERE-KAT.OO1, ODEVAERE-KAT.OO1, ODEVAERE-KAT.OO2, TINY 1, TINY2, WHISTLER entered into between Odevaere bv (Be 0555751897)], acting as the management company of the rental accommodations, and third parties (Guests).

Additionally, these terms cover all supplementary services and deliveries provided by Odevaere Bv, collectively referred to as the Accommodation Contract.


2. Bookings

By making a reservation, the Guest expresses the intention to enter into an Accommodation Contract. Upon the availability of the reserved room, the Guest receives a booking confirmation from Odevaere bv. The acceptance of the Guest’s reservation results in the creation of an Accommodation Contract between Odevaere bv and the Guest.

Odevaere’s room offerings are not binding and may be subject to change. Odevaere Bv reserves the right to exercise discretion in refusing the formation of an Accommodation Contract.

There is no guaranteed entitlement to overnight accommodation in a specific room.

Odevaere Bv maintains the authority to establish industry-specific restrictions and standards, such as minimum stays, booking guarantees, or deposit requirements for specific dates.

The minimum age for making a booking is 18 years, requiring the presentation of a valid photo ID. Individuals aged between 18 and 20 traveling without a guest aged 21 or older must obtain prior approval from the accommodation.

The maximum occupancy for a room is 2 guests, except one child under the age of 10. For rental houses, the maximum occupancy is 4 guests, with the same exception for one child under the age of 10. In the case of tiny houses, the maximum occupancy is 2 guests, with a similar exception for one child under the age of 10.

This is available for direct bookings via our website (www.odevaere.com) or (www.thebankbruges.com)


3. Cancellation rules

There is a guaranteed booking when the Guest confirms payment for the overnight accommodation service by providing his name, and surname, (phone number,  credit card number.) A guaranteed booking can be canceled free of charge until one month before the date of arrival, GMT +1 Brussels, citing the booking reference via mail or via the OTAs ( online travel agencies) or via the PMS (property management system) of Odevaere bv.

Between one month and fourteen days before the arrival date, GMT +1,  there is a cancellation fee of 50 %.

From 14 days before arrival, the cancellation fee is the full amount of the booking and Odevaere bv is entitled to the agreed payment less any costs incurred.

In the case of a ‘no show’ (i.e. a non-cancelled reservation by a customer who does not show up) after a reservation for an accommodation service for which a payment card has been provided as a guarantee, the establishment will charge the customer as compensation for the amount of the entire stay with the payment card that was declared as a guarantee at the time of booking. In the event of prepayment, the amount debited at the time of booking of the service will include the total amount at the time of booking (applicable taxes included) and, where applicable, the prices of options selected by the customer,


details how restitutions are processed   de deadline for restitutions


4. Accommodation prices and other prices

The prices that apply are those published by Odevaere bv at the time the contract is finalized. These prices are comprehensive gross amounts, encompassing all statutory taxes, fees, and charges. However, they do not include local charges, which guests are responsible for paying in accordance with the relevant city taxes.

In the event of changes to the levels of taxes, fees, or charges, or the introduction of new taxes, fees, and charges that were unknown to the parties at the time of agreement, Odevaere bv reserves the right to adjust the prices accordingly.


5. Payment conditions

The full payment for the reserved accommodation service is required in advance from the Guest, no later than upon arrival. Set-off by the Guest is not permitted unless it pertains to an undisputed or legally confirmed claim.

For online payments (with cards, wallet, etc.) the following cards are available that are listed on the payment page of the site: Visa and MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and Bancontact. This list is subject to change.


6. Options for the Utilization of Reserved Rooms

Booked rooms are available to the Guest from 3 pm on the date of arrival (check-in) and until 11 am on the date of departure. (checkout).

Upon request and subject to availability, it is possible to arrange a later departure time (late check-out) with Odevaere bv in advance. If Odevaere bv consents to a late check-out, an extra fee may be charged for the extended use of the room. For departures occurring after 3 p.m., the full daily rate will be applied. It’s important to note that there is no contractual entitlement to a late check-out.


7. Resale

The resale, re-rental, or transfer of reserved rooms is only allowed with prior written consent from Odevaere Bv.   Additionally, the assignment or sale of claims against Odevaere Bv is not permitted. In such instances, Odevaere Bv reserves the right to cancel the booking, especially if the Guest has provided untrue information to the third party regarding the booking details or payment. The use of the hotel room for purposes other than overnight accommodation is strictly prohibited.


8. Liability of Odevaere.

Odevaere Bv  assumes liability for damages arising from injury to life, limb, or health, for which it is responsible. In the event of disruptions or defects in Odevaere services, upon notification or immediate complaint by the Guest, Odevaere Bv shall exert efforts to rectify them. The Guest is obligated to take reasonable measures to assist Odevaere Bv in resolving the disruption and minimizing damage. The Guest must also promptly inform Odevaere Bv of the possibility of incurring unusually extensive damage. Odevaere Bv is liable, in accordance with statutory provisions, for items brought onto the premises. The claim expires if the Guest does not assert it against Odevaere Bv immediately upon becoming aware of the loss, destruction, or damage to the item brought into the premises.

Odevaere Bv bears no responsibility for the loss of cash, securities, or valuables.

The Guest is obligated to report any damage immediately, and in the case of obvious damage, before checkout.. Claims against  Odevaere Bv generally expire within one year from the statutory commencement of expiry. This provision does not apply to damage claims or other claims arising from injury to life, limb, or health, and/or due to a grossly negligent or deliberate breach of duty by Odevaere Bv..

Extra costs : loss of keys : 30 euro


9. Termination of the Accommodation Agreement

Odevaere Bv reserves the right to terminate the Accommodation Contract based on valid reasons. Such valid reasons include but are not limited to (i) In the event of force majeure, not foreseeable events independent of the will of Odevaere Bv, but also in the event of simple exceptional circumstances, Odevaere Bv has the right, without any compensation for any reason whatsoever, to place the customer at another accommodation located in the Bruges region of at least the same star class. Odevaere Bv endeavors to inform the guest as soon as possible; (ii) Booking rooms or spaces with intentionally provided misleading or incorrect information, or the non-disclosure of essential facts, such as the guest’s identity, financial capability, illegal use of internet services, or purpose of the stay; (iii) Reasonable grounds for Odevaere Bv to believe that providing the service could endanger the smooth operation, safety, or reputation of Odevaere Bv among the public, without being attributable to matters within Odevaere’s control or organizational scope; (iv) The illegal purpose or reason for the stay; or (v) Resale, re-rental, and/or transfer of the accommodation contrary to the provisions of Clause 7.

10. Vouchers

Operator vouchers are valid for one year from issuance, and applicable only for stays in the specified accommodation. Residual credits remain usable within the same hotel. Vouchers are non-returnable, non-resellable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable for cash. Not applicable to online payments. The voucher recipient is responsible for accurate details. Cancellation is possible within 14 days, starting after receipt, by letter, fax, or email

11.  Accessibility for guests with disabilities

Accomodations of Odevaere Bv are not suitable for guests with disabilities (no elevator).

12 Food and beverages acquired off-site.

In the public areas, the consumption of food and drink purchased outside the hotel is not permitted. Breakfast can be taken in Coffeebar Adriaan, A Willaerstraat 7, 8000 Bruges, (wed-sat).  Preparation of food in the rooms is not permitted. Preparation of food in the houses is permitted.

13. Non-smoking rule

Odevaere accommodations are smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited in both public areas and rooms. Violation may result in Odevaere Bv requesting a EUR 60.00 fee from the Guest for specific cleaning costs and potential loss of revenue due to room unavailability. The compensation amount may be adjusted based on additional damages provided by Odevaere Bv or proven by the Guest to be lesser.

Smoking is prohibited at the outside area of  Coffeebar Adriaan, disturbing for guests visiting Coffeebar Adriaan.

14. Pets

Pets are not allowed in the guestrooms of   The Bank.

In the vacation rentals, guesthouses, ODEVAERE-Eekh 1, ODEVAERE-NIEU. 94, ODEVAERE-NG.96, ODEVAERE-KAT.OO1, ODEVAERE-KAT.OO1, ODEVAERE-KAT.OO2, TINY 1, TINY2, WHISTLER, 1 pet is allowed.  The guests must  inform Odevaere Bv in advance regarding the intention to bring a pet, race, size of the pet.

Odevaere’s  approval is contingent upon the pet being under constant supervision, free of disease, and posing no risk to other guests or staff.

A fee of EUR 15.00/stay is applicable for pets, excluding guide dogs or comparable service dogs for the blind or deaf, which are allowed without charge and may accompany the guest at all times.

Animals are allowed at Coffeebar Adriaan..


15. Data protection

The data protection regulations can be viewed below

EU Consumer Arbitration Board

The European Commission provides a platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution (OS platform), which can be accessed at: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm.

Belgian law is applicable.


DATA protection, cookies, and privacy law:

In collecting and processing your Personal Data, we respect the Belgian Personal Data protection legislation, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

We will do the following with your Data:

✓ use them only for the purposes agreed with you;

✓ Do not sell these date

✓ carefully secure these date

This Privacy Statement applies to all services provided by Odevaere Bv BE 0555751897 and, in general, to all the activities that we perform.



“Personal Data”: name, address, telephone number, etc.);

“Controller”: the “owner” of certain Personal Data. This may be Odevaere bv as such or a third party;

“Processor”: the person who does the actual processing. This can be Odevaere bv (as a service provider) or a third party who processes the data of Odevaere bv.


As such Odevaere Bv can collect or obtain the following Personal Data from you:

✓ Identity details (name, address, email address, mobile phone number and E-ID details);

✓ Data regarding your communication with the company (visits and telephone conversations);

✓ Data regarding invoicing (VAT and bank account numbers);

✓ Data regarding your academic record and qualifications (provided within the framework of a job application);

✓ Complaints that you submit or requests that you address to us.

✓ Surveillance footage


Why do we process these data?

✓ To provide customers with our services We process the identity and contact details of our customers, principals, their employees, and other valuable contacts so that we can execute the agreement with our customers. We also keep a record of when and how there is any communication with our customers. We perform such processing for customer management purposes. Such processing is necessary to execute the agreement with our customer and it enables us to make a stay in our hotels most pleasant.

✓ Financial administration We process identity and invoice data to be able to keep our accounting and invoicing up to date. On the one hand, this processing falls under legitimate interest, namely the possibility to keep our administrative records up to date and to obtain payment for the services we have rendered. On the other hand, Odevaere Bv has a legal obligation to conduct accounting.

✓ Maintaining our customer relationship Odevaere Bv wants to maintain its customer relationships. That is why we use contact details to keep you informed of our activities or to invite you to events. Sending such mailings to our customers falls under legitimate interest and, what is more, is also in our customers’ interests. You will always be able to unsubscribe from such mailings.

✓ Direct Marketing Odevaere Bv processes prospective customers’ identity and contact details for direct marketing purposes. Processing possible new customers’ contact details forms part of our legitimate interest.

Access by and transfer to third parties Odevaere Bv does not sell your details to third parties and transfers them solely and only if this is necessary to execute our agreement with you or to comply with a legal obligation. Such recipients of your Personal Data may only use this information to execute the agreement between you and us. They do not have the right to use the data for any other purposes. If we engage third parties to process your data, then we ensure that such parties provide adequate guarantees regarding the protection of your Personal Data.

Duration of the processing Odevaere Bv does not keep your Personal Data longer than is reasonably necessary for the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement.

Confidentiality and security Odevaere undertakes to make every possible effort to take all reasonable measures to guarantee that your Data are protected by way of technical security measures so that, where possible, misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure, and unlawful alteration are prevented.


Your rights:

You have various rights regarding the Data that we process. You can exercise these rights by contacting us using the contact details

Within the scope of our identification obligation, we can request you to provide us with a copy of your identity card. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible, in any event, within 2 weeks.

Right to perusal and correction You can contact us if you want to know which of your Personal Data Odevaere processes and for what purpose it does so. You can also request that we correct any incorrect Personal Data or that we alter your data. B. Right to removal and restriction You have the right to request us to remove your Data. Odevaere may keep certain details after your removal request, for example, because we have a statutory obligation to keep the details for a certain time. If you have found reasons to do so, you can request us to restrict the processing of your Personal Data. This may be because you dispute the correctness of your data, for example.
Right to object You can object to the processing of your Personal Data in a reasoned manner if such processing of your Personal Data is based on our legitimate interest or falls within the framework of fulfilling a task of public interest or official authority.
Right to data portability If we process your Personal Data based on your (explicit) consent or within the framework of the execution of the agreement between you and us, then you can request us to provide you with the Personal Data that you gave us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format or to transmit them to another controller, on condition that the processing is carried out by automated means.
Right to withdraw consent If the processing of your Personal Data by Odevaere Bv is based on your (explicit) consent, you have the right at all times to withdraw such consent again. However, the withdrawal of your consent does not compromise the lawfulness of the processing before you withdrew your consent.
Right to submit complaints You have the right to submit a complaint to the Belgian supervisory authority if you have a complaint regarding the use of your Data by us.. Data Protection Authority Drukpersstraat 35 1000 Brussel Tel. 02/274.48.00 Fax. 02/274.48.35 contact@apd-gba.be

Our company details:


Adriaan Willaertstraat 7,  BE-8000 Bruges, Belgium

iban: BE 83 7360 0551 4415

bic/swift: kredbebb

company nr BE 0555.751.897


Statement on the use of cookies

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This allows us to analyze page traffic and to improve the Site. Cookies are used according to their nature and for the following purposes.

The User can also accept or refuse cookies by using the mechanism integrated into the banner or the tools described below.

A cookie or a tracker (hereinafter the “Cookie(s)”) is a text file deposited on a terminal when visiting the Site or when viewing an advertisement. The purpose of a Cookie is to collect information relating to the User’s browsing on the Site and to send the User personalized services and content.


16. Applicable Law

The agreement shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the Belgian laws. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Agreement will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Bruges, Belgium,  and will be dealt with by it.