Discover the most beautiful places for a walk in Bruges

Discover the most beautiful places for a walk in Bruges


Would you like to go for a walk in Bruges? Hello Bruges ( Gidsenkring Brugge vzw), one of the three big guide associations, lets you enjoy a unique day out in Bruges.

With passion and expertise they guide the culture seeker through the contemporary architecture and art in an authentic medieval part of Bruges.

In the 1990s, the Uitgaven West-Vlaamse Gidsenkring (abbreviated to UWG) published its first walking guide. The title was ‘Wandeling door Westbrugge’.
Martin Formesyn was the driving force behind this beautiful project at the time. The guide’s aim was to put the lesser-known part of Bruges in the spotlight.
In the meantime, Westbrugge has continued to evolve and new buildings have been erected and renovated. The Concertgebouw was the crowning glory of the year 2002, when Bruges was the cultural capital of Europe. The new Congress Centre opened its doors at the beginning of 2022.
The VTI (the vocational school) moved to a new building on the Bombardier site and the Sint-Godelieveabdij (St Godelie’s Abbey) has now been given on a long lease to Tourism Flanders.
In consultation with Martin Formesyn, city guide Rita Bossuyt has completely reworked and updated this fascinating walk.


The walk starts at ‘t Zand.
Via the Hauwerstraat we walk to the recently opened BMCC building.
From there we walk to the Blindekens complex and on to Smedenstraat. Near the Smedenstraat we visit the tree-lined and green vestes, the Smedenpoort and the old medieval water house. The Boeveriestraat, full of former foundations for houses of God, abbey and monastery buildings and the former VTI, brings us back to ‘t Zand.
Meanwhile, UWG has published eleven ‘Walks in Bruges’, each in a different part of the city or with a specific theme.

At the end of last year a new walk was published in their series: Vrijmetsarij in Brugge (Masonic Lodge in Bruges).
A walk on the edge between Catholics and Freemasons.
It is a fascinating walk compiled by Joris Surmont. While walking, we learn about the roots of Freemasonry both internationally and especially in Bruges. We meet many Bruges citizens who were members of this society.

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