Cappuccino, Latte or Macchiato in Bruges ?

Cappuccino, Latte or Macchiato in Bruges ?


Looking for the best coffee, tea & hot chocolate spots in Bruges

Besides classic options such as caffè lattes or caffè macchiatos, tea, breakfast or delicious pastries you can all find it in a historic building in the center of Bruges, which used to be a Bank but is now one of the most known barista shops in Bruges. Its here I went for my Barista workshop. 


What I have learned:

Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte, Ristretto or Doppio ar Espresso based drinks en are made with a high end Espressomachine.


Espresso contains  25-30 milliliter coffee and has a walk through a time of  25 – 30 seconds with at the end a thick and deep-brown créma.


Espresso with steamed milk with some touch of latte art. A cappuccino is about 15-18 centiliter. An ideal cappuccino has a one-centimeter milk foam collar.

Latte or Cafe Latte:

Espresso with steamed milk above and a touch of latte art. The total volume is  30-40 centiliter. so Latte has a different coffee/milk relation compared to cappuccino.

Latte Macchiato:

With latte macchiato.. the first thing you do is fill the milk in a glass and wait until the milk divides into milk and foam. After that, you fill it with an espresso very slowly. This Espresso will come in between milk and foam which makes the typical layers white-brown-white Always use a glass to have the latte macchiato appearance.


Espresso diluted with hot water (90 ml)

Espresso Macchiato:

Espresso marked with milk. This is an Espresso with a small cloud of Espresso above.


Ristretto contains 15-25 milliliter coffee, takes  25 to 30 seconds with a superficial, fat and deepbrown créma. (small Espresso in glass)


Double Espresso

Flat white:

Double Espresso (50-60 ml) with thin milk foam above

Long Black:

Reversed Americano; espresso comes above hot water.


Coffee, Cake of Breakfast : Coffeebar Adriaan, Adriaan Willaertstraat 7 @Brugge (Bruges)


source: Misset Horeca