Concert of young harpsichord virtuosos on 18 September 2022 in Bruges

Concert of young harpsichord virtuosos on 18 September 2022 in Bruges



An exceptional concert of young harpsichord virtuosos on 18 September 2022 in Bruges in collaboration with ‘österreichisches kulturforum brussels’; Claviarte; Stefaan Vermeulen.

Mid-September Prof. Dr. Waldner plays 3 concerts in the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), the biggest instrument museum in Europe. This program ‘Musical Storytelling’ (which is partly a world premiere) will be recorded at the MIM on the only playable harpsichord by Ioannes Couchet from 1646, who belonged to the world-renowned Antwerp harpsichord-builder family Ruckers-Couchet. It is only the 4th time in 20 years that the MIM has granted permission for a musician to play this instrument. Previously, this honor was reserved for Bob Van Asperen (NL), Skip Sempé (US), and Christophe Rousset (FR).

It is unique that this ‘Musical Storytelling’ program can also be performed on 18 September at 4.30 pm in the beautiful Church of Our Lady of the Pottery in Bruges, partly thanks to the support of the Austrian Embassy in Brussels. This beautiful church reflects the time spirit of the Flemish, Dutch, and French keyboard music that Peter plays, and the ‘miracle’ tapestries from the early 17th century and the stained-glass windows depicting the miracles are fully in keeping with the theme of ‘Musical Storytelling’, because in the 17th and 18th centuries, scenes (the ball, dances, the hunt, battles…) and characters were painted with a surprisingly rich palette of sounds.

In the attached program file you will find the entire afternoon/evening program with beautiful photos as well. For there is also a cultural walk, very gifted young people who play the introduction to the concert… CDs, Books…and to end a pleasant meal together in the presence of Peter Waldner and Christophe Bursens, from whose collection comes the dazzling harpsichord Versailles Ruckers-Blanchet, on which Peter plays the concert.

Prof. Dr. Peter Waldner (born 1966) teaches at the University Mozarteum in Innsbruck and at the Tiroler Landeskonservatorium. He is highly regarded as an expert in the field of historical keyboard instruments and historical performance practice. For more than 33 years he has specialized in the Renaissance and Baroque repertoire. He trained with Gustav Leonhardt, Kees van Houten, Hans van Nieuwkoop, and many others at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, and has often played with ensembles such as Le Concert des Nations (Jordi Savall), La Venexiana, Prishna ensemble, Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse, Oni Wytars, l’Ensemble Polyharmonique… An impressive biography, which you can also read on his website, where you will also find his discography (more than 44 titles), many reviews, YouTube videos…


Kerk O.-L.-Vrouw van de Potterie

Potterierei 79 B, 8000 Brugge


Concert ticket: 20 € in presale / 25 € at the box office on 18 Sept.

Ticket Cultural Walk (limited number of places) & Concert: 30€ in presale.

Support ticket concert: 30€ (place first rows)

Support ticket Cultural Walk & Concert: 40€ (seats in front rows)

Ticket sales point: (tickets available as of 21 July, book early, limited number of places)

Coffee bar Adriaan – Adriaan Willaertstraat 7, 8000 Bruges

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After the CD recording at the MIM in Brussels, now in Bruges!


More than 44 CD’s to his name; Internationally appreciated.


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